Wednesday, January 12, 2011

'Red Cooler Tamale Guy' is on Twitter!

(Photo via ifood tv)

There's a feeding frenzy with foodies following food trucks in town selling everything from meatball sandwiches to cupcakes to mac 'n' cheese.

But some of us are so lazy that we'd rather have the good eats come straight to us. Literally. Like that one late, late night last December when we were sitting around at Bar DeVille.

Chicago Gets Sneak Peek of David Burke's Kitchen!

David Burke (Photo: David Burke Townhouse)

So, this is very cool.

For once, Chicagoans get an edge over New Yorkers as celeb chef David Burke gives us a sneak preview of his latest project that's opening in SoHo on Feb. 1.

Those dining at David Burke's Primehouse on Jan. 21 get first tastes of some of the dishes set to appear on the menu at David Burke's Kitchen, located in the James New York hotel.