Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Landan Twins' Wild, $130K+ Night Out!

Brothers Jon (left) and Andrew Landan with actress Heather Graham (right). (Photos: Facebook)

While you were likely having a chill Tuesday night, two local scenesters were whooping it up with celebrities at River North's late-night dance club Board Room.

Jon and Andrew Landan somehow got into the good graces of famed Hollywood actors Heather Graham and Zac Efron and racked up one of the most expensive bar tabs we've seen in awhile.

Don't believe me?! Here's the evidence below of the $135,060 splurge, including a $100,000 bottle of Armand Nabuchadnezzar (a.k.a. Ace of Spades) champagne:

Second-Annual 'Who Runs This Town' Poll

Billy Dec (left photo via and brothers Jerrod (left) and R.J. Melman (photo via

There are so many chef-oriented polls being thrown around that in 2010 I decided to invent the first-ever Who Runs This Town poll to find out which restaurateur has the most juice.

It was just a fun little experiment pitting Billy Dec (Rockit Bar & Grill/Sunda/Underground) and Graham Elliot (grahamwich/graham elliot) against one another because they're such big personalities outside of their businesses.

Well, Billy Dec won in a landslide, and since then, the competition has gotten more fierce than ever.

One Last Hurrah!

The Backyard Bar at The Whistler (Photo: The Whistler)

When we get a week of weather like we're having now, consider it a gift from the Gods (especially after the horrible weather week we experienced last week), put your summer clothes back on, and get outside!

By the weekend, temps are expected to hit 80 degrees, so why not hit up some of the newer spots you've been meaning to check out: