Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lushing Out with LUPEC

Sonja Kassebaum of North Shore Distilleries (Photo: Sonja Kassebaum)

To kick off Women's History Month, 312DD kicked it Monday with the Chicago chapter of Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails—better known as LUPEC—at Bar DeVille.

This sounds so prim and proper, doesn't it?!

I was so effing prepared to munch on miniature cucumber sandwiches and sip Champagne-gin cocktails as we politely discussed current events and the state of cocktails. But I was briskly told that this was not that kind of party.

I was first introduced to the members, some of whom I knew and some of whom I had heard about but had never met. Most were bar-industry vets with long resumes, such as Lynn House, who works at Blackbird and is also the chapter's president; Debbi Peek (The Bristol); Logan Lavachek (Double A, Sepia); Leanne Strickler (Nana); and Sonja Kassebaum (North Shore Distilleries). (Missing in action was Bridget Albert of Southern Wine & Spirits.)

The Bedford's Location Revealed

(Photo: Mark Steuer)

Sooooo, information is slowly leaking out about Mark Steuer's new Wicker Park project, The Bedford, which we were the first to tell you about in January.

The location is at 1612 W. Division St., in an old bank building, and it's set to open in mid-April. From what we understand, it's well on its way to being finished and if all goes well with the city, they should be opening on time.

Bartenders On 'Savory' Cocktail Trend

Adam Seger and his savory Mojitonico cocktail. (Photos: Adam Seger)

Local bar stars balked at the idea of Austin's trendy new Duck Fat Sazerac, but how do they feel about other savory cocktails?!

We talked to several of them and got their thoughts on "smoked" drinks, herb-infused elixirs and more . . .

What's Next For The Rockit Guys?!

Rockit Ranch Productions partners Brad Young (from left), Billy Dec and Arturo Gomez. (Photo: Rockit Ranch Productions)

Some of the principles of Rockit Ranch Productions were in New York City Monday, and they were eating as though their lives depended on it.

Billy Dec—who was accompanied by partners Arturo Gomez and Aeron Lancero—tweeted that the crew was on a mission to dine at 14 restaurants in 14 hours.