Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What they're saying on Facebook . . .

Michelle Garcia, owner of Bleeding Heart, features Death's Door Spirits' organic whiskey in her pastries in March. (Photo: Bleeding Heart Bakery)

Grant Achatz (Owner/Executive Chef Alinea): "Looking for a space for a new concept. Lincoln Park and/or Bucktown areas."

Bleeding Heart Bakery: "Flavor of the month...whiskey!! Tarts, cupcakes, truffles, cakes and brownies all soaked in whiskey from Death's Door Spirits!"

Homaro Cantu (Chef/Owner Moto/Otom): "Making toast that is impossible to burn."

Graham Elliot Bowles (Owner/Executive Chef graham elliot): "Excited about the changes that are afoot at the restaurant!"

Gregory Hall (Brewmaster/Restaurateur): "2 days until Night Stalker dryhopped imperial stout debuts at Goose Island."

Mark Mendez (Executive Chef/Carnivale): "Trying to conceptualize new spring menu items."

John Ross (Owner/The Bristol): "Tonight...Agnolotti, Pappardelle Bolognese, Lamb Chorizo!"

Sarah Stegner (Executive Chef/Prairie Grass Cafe): "Enjoying the new microgreens from Three Sister's Garden."

Paul Virant (Owner/Chef Vie): "Corning a veal brisket/bottom round from Swan Creek."

Mmmm, Mado's Chicago Chef Week menu

(Photo: Mado)

We've got Mado's menu for those unsure of where to go these last days of Chicago Chef Week:

Fried Farm Egg Bruschetta with Truffle Butter

Chicken Liver Paté

Green Lentils with Pickled Red Onion and Parsley

Rainbow Trout stuffed with Braised Swiss Chard and Confit Pork Belly

Hanger Steak with Gorgonzola Polenta

Oh, there's much more to the three-course, $32 per person menu, but these are some of my favorite things!

This is simply obscene!


The McGangBang comes courtesy of food-obsessed site This is Why You're Fat. It's a McChicken sandwich inside a double cheeseburger.

OK, on my way to the gym now!

Revel Post Office to deliver fun, mayhem

(Photo: Revel Post Office)

To mark the debut of their hot new nightlife space, the crew behind Revel Post Office is hosting Battle Royale—a battle of the bands, 200 obnoxious t-shirts and some random breakdancers.

We're excited about the event, which includes guest celebrity judge Alpana Singh and a portion of the proceeds benefiting Imerman Angels, but come on. When was the last time you partied it up at the post office?!

They've taken over the 3,000-square-foot space of an actual old post office, transforming it into a raw entertaining room for live music, offbeat special events and whatever else comes up. This is the kind of action Chicago desperately needs, especially in this area.

As far as the Battle Royale event, guests'll get lively competition between Project Ultra, Empra, The Ripley's, Kinzie Rapport and Everelle, deejay performance by Madrid, plus an open bar and hot dogs. 9pm-1am March 28. $49. Get tickets here.

Decadent Doggies . . . oh my!

Lockwood's Chicago-Style Lobster Hot Dog (Photo: The Pickled Tongue)

OK, I'll admit it. 312DD's a little obsessed with Phillip Foss (Lockwood) right now.

But can you blame us?! Last week it was the Foie Gras Sliders the executive chef initially created for a special event, then added to the regular menu. And now after a challenge from MenuPages' manic food blogger Helen Rosner, he's created the ultimate Chicago-style hot dog on his Pickled Tongue blog.

This one is all about the lobster:

"I’m not trying to rival the incomporable Hot Doug’s. And you won’t automatically get bitched out if you order it at Lockwood like you do at the Weiner Circle (but I may make an exception if you ask… or if I don’t like the way you look)! ... . Regarding the menu though, it took me forever to work up the balls to put my buffalo-ed wings on the menu and that has been to huge fanfare. So stay tuned… this dog may also see its day (pun intended).

These are the components:

Diced lobster folded into a scallop mousse, seasoned with smoked paprika, cayenne and tarragon; rolled it in plastic wrap the size of a hot dog, then slow poached it at 140 degrees. It is then removed it from the plastic and grilled.
Not wanting to use mustard, instead I made a saffron-ginger beurre blanc to give it a similarly bright yellow color.

The rest is pretty basic - peeled pear tomatoes instead of the tomato wedges.
Brunoise of sweated leeks instead of onions
Green pepper curls
Potato bun - I f’d up and forgot the poppy seed!
I’m happy that ketchup as it turns out is considered sacreligious on a hot dog as I didn’t know how I would pair/mimic it with lobster!"

But how much is it?!

UPDATE: It's $16.