Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Segal Celebrates Engagement With New Desserts

Hot Chocolate's Mindy Segal. (Photo: Mindy Segal)

Hot Chocolate Pastry Goddess Mindy Segal got engaged a couple of months ago.

How excited do you think she is?!

Well, she was so excited that she decided to share her jubilation with diners by adding a special dessert section to the menu:

July Is National Ice Cream Month!


June and its iffy weather was kinda meh, so we're very much looking forward to July, which is generally known as the best month of the year.

It also happens to be National Ice Cream Month, and boy are we gonna celebrate!

Café 676: The resto in the Gold Coast's Omni Hotel has totally revamped for the season, adding more local produce and ingredients. That's particularly awesome for ice cream lovers, as Executive Chef Daven Wardinski treks to his honey hive in La Fox, Ill., to collect raw honey from free-range bees. That's used to sweeten several menu items, including the signature 676 Honey Ice Cream.