Monday, April 21, 2014

Brendan Sodikoff Drops 'Italian Bar' Concept From Cocello, Opens April 22 With 40 Percent Off

Photos courtesy of Hogsalt Hospitality

"It's feeling really good!" exclaims Brendan Sodikoff about his latest project, an Italian-focused eatery named Cocello, which 312DD exclusively told you about in March.

What's different is that the concept is no longer an "Italian steak bar." "We ran out of room on the menu and dropped the steak focus," explains Sodikoff. "I fell in love with the lighter feel and emphasis on classic regional Italian food, Negronis, great coffee and Italian wines."


A sneak peek of the opening menu revealed that the restaurant will feature four plays on the traditional Italian aperitif: classic (gin, campari, sweet vermouth), white (gin, cocchi, dry vermouth), rye (rye, campari, sweet vermouth) and cognac (cognac, sweet vermouth, chartreuse).

The food menu features a number of hand-made pasta, seafood and vegetable-focused dishes. We're especially looking forward to the whole-roasted turbot as well as porchetta of stuffed pork belly, rosemary and roast garlic. There will be limited availability on both items.

Cocello soft opens on April 22 and through Thursday it will offer 40 percent off food. It officially opens to the public Friday, April 25.

Here are the first-ever images of the interior, food and drinks: