Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I'm Gushing & Crushing Over These Fabulous Things In February And You Should Too

(Photo: Protein Bar)

I'm pretty serious about this, and it makes up for all this horrible weather we've been experiencing lately.

If you can hold off until Feb. 15, you'll get a chance to witness one of the most spectacular Chicago restaurant openings I've heard about in a long time. It's not as though the new Lincoln Park location for Protein Bar is even all that fancy, it's what owner Matt Matros is doing for the public that's got me all geeked.

On opening day, the store will first host a sunrise yoga class at 6am, then the doors officially open at 11am when the first 100 customers will receive $500 gift cards (Yes, that is $50,000 in gift cards).

One public relations veteran exclaimed about this promotion: "I have done a lot of openings and anniversary PR, including the Potbelly's 20th anniversary free giveaways, but this is one of the best I have heard of in a long time. It's good idea for new and repeat diners; and good for the hood."

Something tells me that folks will be lining up overnight for this opportunity, so don't forget to set your alarm clocks!