Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Tweet Beat

Hot Chocolate's Mindy Segal. (Photo: Mindy Segal)

What were Chicago's top chefs up to this weekend?! 312DD checks out their Twitter accounts:

Grant Achatz (Alinea): "Done working at 3am. Flight to London for Rest. Mag World's 50 Best in 4 hours, trying to stay up.....tough."

Jimmy Bannos (Heaven on Seven): "Last day at Murrays cheese boot camp I'm in cheese coma,the vodka and wine didn't help."

Rick Gresh (David Burke's Primehouse): "I'm putting the 25 gallons of shandy brew into 2nd fermentation. It's tasting really good. Ready to drink in 3 weeks!"

Stephanie Izard (The Drunken Goat): "Getting ready for the Scottsdale Food and Wine Fest today....I hear it is a bit of a drunk fest, should be entertaining!"

John Manion (Goose Island): "Being driven to drink by the song 'Sonidito' by Echesero. (It is the song that sounds like an alarm clock). Anyone lucky enough to work in a kitchen where La Ley is played all day will feel my pain."

Mindy Segal (Hot Chocolate): "Time to make the doughnuts and.....seeing stars! Three to be exact! Way to go Hot Chocolate."

Debra Sharpe (Feast): "A truly fantastic night at Feast Gold Coast with new chef and new menu."

Cary Taylor (Chaise): "200 covers despite the rain. Patio was full all day!"