Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rodman Celebrates Bday, Bulls Player Misbehaves at Aviary

Dennis Rodman celebrates his 50th birthday at Stanley's Sunday. (Photo: Michael Jurecki)

How did former Bulls star Dennis Rodman spend his 50th birthday?!

As part of the weekend celebration (His actual bday was May 13), he took in the Bulls/Heat game at United Center Sunday, then kicked it to the stage of Stanley's for live band karaoke.

Tom Colicchio Hosts First-Ever NRA Bash


Here's your chance to schmooze with the one and only Tom Colicchio—head judge of Bravo's Top Chef reality show.

He's set to host the National Restaurant Association's first-ever Restaurants Rock party, happening 9pm-midnight May 22 at LaSalle Power Co.

We're especially excited about this event because the Star of the Bar finale takes place, when some of the country's top bartenders square off against one another with their signature cocktails.