Sunday, September 26, 2010

Don Draper Would Definitely Approve . . .

Don Draper of "Mad Men" fame would have been a big fan of the Aviary's version of his favorite cocktail. (Photo: AMC)

I'm so excited about this latest offering from Aviary that I can barely contain myself.

Tuscan Foodie On Chicago Food Scene

The Tuscan Foodie doing what he does best. (Photo: Tuscan Foodie)

It's always fun to read how others view what we think is an incredible food scene here in Chicago, so you can only imagine my delight discovering A Tuscan Foodie in America, which details an Italian guy's eating experiences in the United States.

He enthusiastically focuses on Chicago's most popular and underrated restos, as he explained in this post for Tuscany's tourism bureau:

NY Times Highlights Chicago's Best


Gilt Bar, Girl & The Goat, Big Chicks, Longman & Eagle and Xoco got some major props in the New York Times' travel section.

In 36 hours, writer Fred A. Bernstein checked out these hot spots as well as a number of iconic venues.

We weren't surprised one bit that he headed to Girl & The Goat, which likely had its busiest night Saturday with the dining room and bar filled with Chicago Gourmet goers as well as "Jersey Shore" castmate Vinny Guadagnino (who showed up with two big-ass bodyguards in tow).