Thursday, September 2, 2010

Does 'Minority Nightlife' Get a Bad Rap?

Veteran club deejay Vince Adams (a.k.a. DJ VA) writes an open letter to defend Chicago's minority nightlife scene. (Photo: Vince Adams)

Vince Adams (a.k.a. DJ VA) has worked Chicago's night spots as well as a number of clubs around the country since the mid-1990s.

If you've ever frequented the likes of Green Dolphin Street, The Shrine, Funky Buddha Lounge or Bon V, you've likely seen him behind the 'tables.

While he's that guy who usually has a big smile on his face, these days he's none too pleased with how minority nightlife is getting a bad rap.

He writes, in an open letter, on his blog:

One Last Hurrah!


Face it. There wasn't that much to complain about when it came to the weather this summer.

Most days were filled with sunshine and spectacular warmth, allowing us to indulge in alfresco drinking and dining anytime we wanted.

And though it's a bit gloomy as we go into the homestretch of Labor Day Weekend—the unofficial end of summer—it's promising to clear up for the next several days.