Wednesday, January 15, 2014

JAM's Jeffrey Mauro, Moto's Homaro Cantu Join Forces to Open Berrista Coffee

Raspberry jelly doughnut from Berrista Coffee (Photo: Berrista Coffee)

Here's some pretty exciting news hot off the press.

JAM executive chef Jeffrey Mauro is partnering with Homaro Cantu (iNG, Moto) for that revolutionary new bakery, Berrista Coffee. That's the sweets shop featuring the "miracle berry" that's replacing sugar in most of the pastries.

Really, Chili's?! Restaurant's 'Robot' Hilariously Annoys Man By Text


OK, so this is actually pretty damn funny.

A dude posted a Craigslist ad in an effort to sell a $50 gift card from Chili's Bar & Grill. He listed his phone number so that potential buyers could call or text him. Chili's allegedly took him up on his offer and this is what happened next.

How much you wanna bet he doesn't do this again?!