Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sex tape 'star' looking for new co-star


But luckily for the ladies of Chicago, this time it's all about a VH-1 reality TV show for notorious R&B singer Ray-J, who made headlines last year for filming some kinky moments with then girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

The open casting call occurs at Spy Bar, with the goal of "single, beautiful and confident women up for the challenge of turning hip-hop artist Ray J into a 'one woman man' . . . all contestants must . . . possess a love for the hip-hop industry and the ability to handle the drama of a celebrity lifestyle."

Didn't Flavor Flav already do this?!

It's this Saturday, 8pm-midnight, if you dare.

On the radar . . .


Eater's infamous Deathwatch is the most feared section of this New York dining and nightlife blog, so it should be interesting to see whether they bring it to Chicago when Eater launches here next month—a year behind schedule.

For those not familiar, Deathwatch monitors whether a bar or restaurant manages to survive despite all odds stacked against it. Some critics have complained that once an establishment is "Deathwatched," it has no chance in hell to make a comeback.

Signs of a seriously slow dining news day

The Stew is reporting on the "waning sidewalk cafe season."

Digging for gold (medalists)


Where will the likes of Michael Phelps, Kobe Bryant, Misty May Trainor and others be grubbing (and clubbing) while they're in town?!

If you happen to run into any of them, drop a comment below or an email. I just hope they're doing something beyond the usual suspect spots . . .

Another one bites the dust

This sucks.

Dwayne Wade hosts Gold Medal affair


I bet you've been licking your chops at the thought of meeting some of those gold-medal Olympic winners in town today taping the "Oprah" show.

While that likely won't happen, word just came in that Miami Heat and "Redeem Team" star Dwayne Wade is hosting a Young, Fly & Flashy gig at Vision on Saturday.

It would've made more sense to host it tonight to cap off the daylong frenzy certain to take place at Millennium Park, but it looks like Wade's turning this party into one of his infamous Miami jams. Expect celebs from the fashion, music, movies and sports industries with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Wade’s World Foundation, which helps at-risk children.

Doors open at 10pm, and tickets likely start at $20.