Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pops For Champagne On The First 30 Years


Nightlife vet Tom Verhey talks about the first 30 years of Pops For Champagne with Eater Chicago:

"... we've never really altered from our original concept of being a Champagne bar. Effervescence and excellence has always been our main focus. We've been tempted to get into more food and into other elements, but overall it's been a single bullet aimed at the Champagne respect and interest that we have. I think it carries over to the public also when you have a single direction and people can wrap themselves around the concept easier. It seems over the years people have respected us for doing that and it's paid off."

Frankie's Debuts Signature Prosecco


Here's a good reason for a toast:

Frankie's Scaloppine introduces Frankie's Take the Fizz, a new prosecco that's only available at the Mag Mile resto or in Padua, Italy. The light, sparkling wine originates from the Veneto region and is aged in stainless steel barrels, creating an ideal aging environment for young grapes.

Want a taste?!