Friday, August 22, 2008

'There are no upscale sports bars in the area'

Tavern on Rush is one of many upscale sports bars in the downtown area.

It's nice to think you're the only game in town, but if you walk around with blinders that's when you fall on your face.

Stone Lotus partner Luke Stoioff did an interview with Last Girl Standing's Sarah Preston about his new sports bar Bull & Bear, and had this to say when asked "Why do we need another sports bar in Chicago?"

"There are no upscale sports bars in the area. Where do you go to watch a game? Rockit? ESPN Zone? . . . We wanted a place that caters to young professionals: a place where you can bring your girlfriend, for example. It's a more refined environment for people with a taste for high-quality bar food. . . . It's right across from the Loop, where traders and professionals can go [to watch games]. It's a sports bar that caters to business professionals."

Dude, that sounds exactly like Rockit Bar & Grill to me! Oh, and how about Tavern on Rush, Sidebar, 10pin Bowling Lounge, Paramount Room and English?! And those are just right off the top of my head.

Too bad Sarah didn't nail him to the wall when she had the chance.