Friday, January 28, 2011

Freebies . . . on Friday . . .

Former "Hell's Kitchen" cheftestant Connie Lovely Jackson hosts an event at Kenmore Live Studio this weekend. (Photo: Connie Lovely Jackson)

Low on cash, but got an appetite for the good life?! Every Friday, 312DD features the best bargain bets around town:

Chicago Cut Steakhouse: Scotch lovers should drool at the thought of this tasty deal going on at the downtown steakhouse. Chivas 18 will be in the house 5:30-7pm Friday, offering gratis cocktails and tastings.

DMK Burger Bar: Sales from DMK's 2011 calendar benefit the Greater Chicago Food Depository. And if you get yours through Jan. 31, you'll get a free Bardstown Bacon-Bomber Milkshake.