Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Return of White Star?!


An astute reader sent 312DD this photo of the brand-new signage and building permit for White Star (223 W. Ontario St.) in River North.

If the name and address look familiar. . . yep, it's one of the same and apparently the notorious night spot of the late-1990s/early 2000s is trying to make a comeback.

UPDATE: The new White Star is not affiliated with original owners, Ala Carte Entertainment.

For Single Guys & Gals . . .


. . . the good folks over at Mercadito/Double A have come up with an old-school way of "hooking up" on Valentine's Day.

They're encouraging diners to play an adult version of note passing, except these notes come with tequila shots. All you need to do is send the love note (see above image from Mercadito) to the object of your affection via the server.

Who knows what will happen next . . .

First-Ever Food Truck Meet-Up at Auto Show


Details are still being finalized, but the Chicago Auto Show is set to host its first-ever Food Truck Meet-Up.

What took them so long to do this?!

Organizers exclusively tell 312DD that the lineup of participating local trucks is still under wraps, but you know I will get those details ASAP.

Logan Square Gets Sweet New Saloon

Photo of Scofflaw partner Danny Shapiro via Chicago Reader.

Cocktail enthusiasts will be thrilled to know that yet another cool watering hole is coming to Logan Square.

Former 'tenders from the likes of Bonny's, Simone's, and The Whistler quietly purchased the old Streetside Cafe in December and are transforming it into Scofflaw, according to the Chicago Reader.

It's set to re-open late February or early March and the Reader got the scoop on the menu, which was given to them by partner Danny Shapiro (formerly of The Whistler):