Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More Yummy in Tummy with Second M Burger

M Burger's signature double-stack burger. (Photo: M Burger)

Word from Time Out is that a second M Burger is coming our way soon.

Look for LEYE's burger and fries joint to pop up this time in a carved-out kitchen space of Osteria Via Stato in late August (the first one is located in Tru's former pastry kitchen).

Shhhh, 'The Speakeasy Throwback' is Coming!

(Photo: Margaret Bourke-White from LIFE photo archive)

I get envious watching old movies, particularly those showcasing the glammest of the glam girls in Prohibition-era films like "The Great Gatsby," "The Roaring Twenties," and yes, even "Harlem Nights."

The decadence, the drinks, the danger, the dramatic dresses . . . what's not to like?! Too bad we cannot all just jump into a time machine and transport back to those days of speakeasy cool.

But wait! Lockwood exec chef Phillip Foss is masterminding an old-school soiree certain to rival those of the Roaring Twenties.