Monday, May 24, 2010

Didn't See This Coming!

Chantelle Pabros, who announced she's leaving her position at L20 as sommelier. (Photo: Chantelle Pabros)

L20 sommelier Chantelle Pabros resigned her position Monday.

Here's the email she sent out:

"I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I am leaving my position at L2O.

FREE House-Made Pop Tarts This Weekend!

(Photo: WAVE)

To kick off its new, American-and-Filipino-focused brunch menu this weekend, WAVE Executive Chef Kristine Subido will be giving away a very special treat.

Subido's signature "Pop Tart," which she's making from scratch with house-made jam, is one of the highlights, plus Filipino sausage with over easy eggs, brioche French toast, a house-made cinnamon roll and Rudy's huevos rancheros.

How 'Bout a Meatball Casserole?!

(Photo: Timothy O'Toole's Gurnee)

Since lasagna can get rather boring, Timothy O'Toole's Gurnee chef Sean O'Brien decided to put his own spin on the classic Italian dish 12 years ago.

He created a Meatball Casserole that comes layered with giant meatballs (the size of softballs!), marinara, pasta and cheese. It's only available at the Gurnee location (Streeterville used to serve it), so if that's too far for you to travel, he's generously given us the recipe:

The Buzz on Rooftop Honey Wheat Beer

The bees behind Rooftop Honey Wheat Beer. (Photo: Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile)

This should be a pretty sweet treat this summer . . .

Half Acre Beer Co. teams up with the Marriott's Harvest restaurant to create Rooftop Honey Wheat Beer.

More than 350,000 Italian five-striped bees call the downtown hotel's ninth-floor rooftop home, and hang out in five hives (up from three last year) to produce over 200 pounds of honey.