Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another Server Outs A 'Bad Tipper'


Remember the infamous "two cents" tipper from earlier this year?!

Well, now he's got some competition. A server at Wrigleyville's Red Ivy tweeted this photo Wednesday from yet another cheap ass tipping her $0.99 on a $12 bill.

Is this some sort of trend or something?

'Flavor Tripping:' 100% Sugar-Free Cocktails

Homaro Cantu's ING restaurant is poised to bring us 100 percent sugar-free Manhattans and more this summer.

There's nothing better than sipping sexy cocktails alfresco on a Chicago summer day. But all that daydrinking—and nightdrinking—can go straight to your hips, ass and thighs (I call it the HAT area) and that's the last thing you want.

But ING chef/owner Homaro Cantu believes he's found a solution to your worries with what he's calling the "world's only 'Flavor Tripping' cocktail menu." Will this scientific method, all the cocktails will be 100 percent sugar free.

How will this happen?!

May Is Mighty Nice For Munching

Mity Nice's "Hangover Burger" is available on Sundays only through May. (Photo: Mity Nice)

Look, we're all supposed to be getting it together before skimpy-wear season is here for the next three months, but there are soooo many damn temptations.

Case in point is over at Mity Nice, on the mezzanine of Water Tower Place, which is offering The Hangover Burger every Sunday in May as part of its Burger Month promotion.

You might need to share this one with a friend as it's a plumped up beef patty between two bacon grilled cheese sandwiches. Yes, you heard that right. Add a Bloody Mary and it's $21.

You can score one at lunch or dinner Sundays only in May.