Monday, August 31, 2009

Newest Old Town bar off to great start

(Photo: Old Town Social)

We've been waiting a long time for something super hot to land in Old Town, so it was a pleasant surprise to hear Old Town Social got major props from the people who showed up on its first weekend.

The mostly neighborhood crowd loved it for its unpretentious, yet upscale neighborhood vibe. And, of course, it doesn't hurt that the menu didn't disappoint either.

Urban Daddy gets to the bottom of what's sure to keep OTS on top for months to come:

"Strong brew like Bell's Two Hearted Ale (and about 59 others) await, but first pull up to the charcuterie bar where house-made soppressata, mortadella and pepperoni flow freely from the tap (by which we mean an antique hand-cranked meat slicer). Drop by early for a quick polish at the vintage shoe-shine station before sneaking a date into one of the secluded two-person cubbyholes and making a dinner of Smoked Sausage and Waffles, Crispy Duck Wings or Scotch Woodcock (um, not what it sounds like)."