Monday, May 25, 2009

Weekend Tweet Beat

Paul Virant of Vie (Photo: Paul Virant)

What were Chicago's top toques up to this weekend?! 312DD checks out their Twitter accounts:

Ron Aleman (Aria): "Sushi special is rockin'! Great reviews so far. 1 more hour and then it's off to red wine spritzer country. Yes, I did say spritzer."

David Beran (Alinea): "Quote of night (from girl): 'I would rape every guy in that family and use their tears as lube' ... Saturday night crowds are frightening!"

Rick Gresh (David Burke's Primehouse): "Deciding what beer to brew for my upcoming event on June 24, Market Mystery Soiree. Six Chicago chefs cooking from the Green City Market."

David Richards (Sweets & Savories): "I'm going to run out of all my brunch prep today, unpredictable reservations. Good for business bad for prep."

Todd Stein (Cibo): "Duck eggs and morels for breakfast yesterday, dinner at Salpicon, and watching the Indy 500 today, pork and wine for dinner, nice weekend!"

Paul Virant (Vie): "Just broke down a half cow in under 2 hours, wrapped and cleaned up. Not too bad."