Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lobster Night Returns To Socca With WHOLE Butter-Poached Lobsters For $10!


The thought of a nice, juicy lobster in front of me sounds great any day of the week, but that can get costly.

So thank God for Socca's Roger Herring, who is once again going all out with Lobster Night for $10 a la carte of the decadent crustacean.

It's happening Oct. 24, so get on the phone NOW because this thing will sell out the moment the word gets out.

The Great Chicago Steak Out Is Happening Right Now To Benefit The Greater Chicago Food Depository


This most certainly caught my eye.

The possibility that I might have the chance to chow down for FREE for a year at the city's top steakhouses. And I could keep this secret to myself, but I'm going to share it with you.

The Chicago Private Dining Steakhouse Group and the Futures Industry Association are behind an online campaign to raise a significant amount of money for the Greater Chicago Food Depository. Apparently the nonprofit organization is serving 59 percent more people than three years ago, so they need all the help they can get.

Through Nov. 1, every $25 donated to the Great Chicago Steak Out campaign will give you the opportunity to enter the contest to win dinner for a year at 12 top local steakhouses (the gift certificate is worth approximately $1,400).

Homaro Cantu Announces New TV Show For iNG


This is all kinds of awesomeness, coming from iNG owner/chef Homaro Cantu:

"ING Restaurant got its own TV Show!!! Yay!!! This one will make Future Food look like a walk in the park. I can't tell you where it will air (because my executive producer will kill me), but it's going to be big folks. Nothing has ever been done like this before. The name of the show is CookiNG Under Pressure. And we actually landed a multi-season deal!! First episode airs November 13th!!!"

Chicago Is Prominently Missing From The World's 50 Best Bars Guide


So what happened here?!

The annual World's 50 Best Bars Guide was just released and no places from Chicago made the cut.

Several spots were reserved for cocktail lounges in Kentucky, Los Angeles and New York, but no love for our beloved The Aviary, The Drawing Room, Sable Kitchen & Bar or The Violet Hour.

Oh well. Better luck next year, right?