Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This Photo Is Making Me Thirsty!

Raise your hand if you're drinking Margaritas on Cinco de Mayo!

With Mother's Day celebrations happening all over town this weekend, you can't be getting all jacked up before you take her out.

But man is it tempting with all the Cinco de Mayo and Kentucky Derby events going down.

Here are some you don't want to miss because it's so hard to turn down a good Margarita or Mint Julep:

He's Cooking For One Lucky Reader!

Paul Virant photo via Chicago Reader

Thanks to all who entered the contest to win dinner for two at Perennial Virant, which opens in Lincoln Park in mid-May.

But there was only one winner, and Harold Smith's heartfelt email about how he wanted to take his foodie momma out for a nice dinner pulled on my heartstrings: