Monday, May 16, 2011

Is Dirty Betty's The Next Doughnut Vault?!

Some of the yummy goodness expected at Dirty Betty's when it "pops up" in Lincoln Park. (Photo: Dirty Betty's)

Looks like Doughnut Vault is getting some competition as Lincoln Park's Cookie Bar jumps into the doughnut-making biz.

And what's awesome about this grand little operation—that'll be known as Dirty Betty's—is that they'll be making 10 daily flavors of artisan doughnuts. The "pop up" store is set to open Wednesday, and hours will be 7-10am Monday-Friday and 10am-10pm Saturdays.

What's Your Fave 'Hangover' Cure?!

Your best "hangover cure" recipe could win you advance screening tickets to "The Hangover Part II" as well as food for two at Epic Burger. (Photo: Epic Burger)

We've all been there.

One too many the night before could easily put us out of commission for hours and hours. But who has time to lie around all day when you need to be productive?!

So 312DD is looking for your very best cure for a hangover. We're looking for your tried-and-true recipe (think comfort food!) that should get even the most overindulgent revelers back on their feet.

And what do you get in return?

33 Club Has Closed in Old Town

(Photo: 33 Club)

Turns out that tip I received about 33 Club's eventual closing happened sooner than expected.