Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Are They Still Shaking On 'On The Rocks?'

Mixologists Debbi Peek and Charles Joly rep Chicago on NBC's "On The Rocks" bartending competition.

How did Chicago's own do on the first episode of the third season of "On The Rocks," NBC's awesome, nationwide bartending competition?!

I've got the video right here, so you can check out The Bristol's house mixologist Debbi Peek and Charles Joly, the chief mixologist for The Drawing Room.

It's a nailbiter for sure!

"On the Rocks" airs 12:05am Sunday, immediately after "Saturday Night Live."

A November To Remember . . .

Sixteen restaurant at the Trump is doing a "Luxury Pork Week" in mid-November.

Don't allow this effed up weather to mess with your mind, November is going to be one fabulous month for food and fun.

First off, we're ready to squeal with delight over the first-ever Luxury Pork Week, going down at Sixteen Nov. 15-21.