Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What Have They Done for Us Lately?!


Maybe these dudes should come outta retirement and help our pitiful Bears and Bulls.

Just got this from a publicist:

"Two Chicago sports legends dined at District Bar last night. Basketball legend, Michael Jordan, and former Chicago Bear and Super Bowl XX MVP, Richard Dent, brought back a bit of the Glory Days to Chicago as they enjoyed a wide range of the menu.

They drank Heineken, Grey Goose, and District’s specialty cocktail, Ginger Collins.

Jordan and Dent spent the evening watching the Packers take on the Ravens on Monday Night Football in the VIP section at District."

Seriously, get off your asses and play some ball!

Drinking, Eating . . . and Sleeping?!


Soooooo, Time Out uncovered a new bar going into Logan Square from the team behind The Empty Bottle.

Called Longman & Eagle, it aims to be a contemporary Chicago inn concept, offering eats, drinks and beds in the back.


This should be interesting. Late-night drinking+randy young people+beds in a back room sounds like a recipe we don't even want to imagine . . .