Monday, August 24, 2009

Wacky, tacky email of the year!


This right here has got to be the most bizarre email 312DD's ever received:


"Dear patron,

We are sorry to inform you of something that has little to do with culinary ideals and more to do with decency. It has recently been revealed that the owner of (redacted) and (redacted), (redacted), has been involved in an affair with a married mother of two, 20 years his junior. Watching her young family disintegrate has been tragic, and we urge you to make your dining plans elsewhere. While not excusing the actions of this young mother, her current situation made easy prey for a sleaze of his proportions.

Sorry for the intrusion, you will not receive further emails from this establishment."

What The (*&^%$#$%^&*&^%$# EFF?! This came from someone using the restaurant's email address!

Power to Pork for second Wandering Goat dinner

Stephanie Izard is the executive chef and co-owner of The Drunken Goat, set to open in January 2010. (Photo: Stephanie Izard)

If you missed out on Stephanie Izard's much hyped Wandering Goat dinner that took place in July, have no fear, the second one's coming up on Sept. 2!

Word just came down that the Top Chef winner (and co-owner/chef of long-awaited The Drunken Goat) plans to pay homage to the hog at the next traveling dinner party, which will take place at a secret Chicago-area warehouse.

While listening to the casual sounds of local deejay RB, guests will enjoy the taste of Stephanie’s favorite beer from Three Floyds paired with specialties like Bacon Crisped Oysters, Bacon and Smoked Trout Salad with Heirloom Tomatoes, and Aji-Braised Pork Belly.

Those interested in attending the dinner should follow Stephanie on Twitter, where she will announce the ticket sale date and time. For $65, food and drink are included (secret location will be unveiled to ticket owners a few days before the dinner by email).

The first dinner sold out in less than 10 minutes, so have that credit card at the ready!

Word to self-entitled culilary students: 'You WILL be blacklisted!'

(Photo: Mark Mendez)

After Carnivale Executive Chef Mark Mendez ranted in an open letter to a wayward culinary student, a number of local chefs had his back, calling for an immediate blacklist of like-minded types:

Rob Levitt (Mado): "I was asked to talk to a class at Kendall a week from Monday. I am going to read this (letter) to them. Also, I think we should start a Facebook page listing the names of all the cooks/interns that have done something like this. I'll look into the legality of it. Beautifully said. In the midst of scrubbing down my kitchen tonight, I will raise a beer in your honor."

Timothy Cottini (Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba!): "Well spoken chefs! Blacklists I am in!"

Mark Steuer (Hot Chocolate): "Kudos, I'm giving a copy to my intern ASAP. Also, Rob I'm with you on the blacklist idea."

Cary Taylor (Chaise Lounge): "Mendez kicks ass! Totally on point. I've been telling people for the last few months that Mark is quietly one of the most important chefs in Chicago - from his focused cuisine to his dedication to local farmers and now to his recognition and outspokenness to a 'plague' in our industry. Bring on the Blacklist!!"

Weekend Tweet Beat

Rodelio Aglibot of Sunda. (Photo: Rodelio Aglibot)

What were Chicago's top chefs up to this weekend?! 312DD checks out their Twitter accounts:

Rodelio Aglibot (Sunda): "Uuuggghhh just had some pooork dishes at the Publican........happyy happyyy happyyy! I need a smoke."

Phillip Foss (Lockwood): "Crew kicked ass last night so I'm braving the 3 block line to bring in Hot Doug's for the team."

Stephanie Izard (The Drunken Goat): "Finally trying Nightwood for brunch today. Sooooooo hungry can't wait! Holy crap it is a gorgeous Sunday."

Eric Jorgensen (Sushi Samba rio): "Chef de Cuisine (Dan Tucker) is at the Bears game. Let the party begin."

Debbie Sharpe (Feast): "Chef applicants forgetting to attach resumes to emails. Huh? Will they also forget to cook the food?"

Cary Taylor (Chaise Lounge): "Cigar Sunday at the Peninsula hotel rocks! Hanging with wine director Mike Muser, Josh Moore from Hub 51. Good friends, good times!"