Sunday, April 4, 2010

Schwa's Closed For Renovations . . .

Steven Lee (left), wine director for Sixteen, with the acclaimed Schwa owner/chef Michael Carlson. (Photo: Steven Lee)

We found out the hard way Friday that Schwa super chef Michael Carlson—who's up for a Beard award next month—had decided to shut his restaurant down for the Easter weekend in order to make some renovations.

Yeah, four of us strolled up to one of the city's notoriously difficult places to get into at 8pm on a Friday, crossing our fingers that we just might have a chance snagging a table.

'Glee' Stars Spotted at Sushi Samba Rio


The entire cast of "Glee"FOX's hit show about a high-school singing group—was in town Saturday taping "Oprah," so it's no surprise that they were out on the town later that night.

An Ultimate Insider tells 312DD that at least five members of the cast were hanging at Sushi Samba rio later that night.