Thursday, August 11, 2011

Taste of Chicago's Food Truck Scene

Nida Rodriguez posing inside the Slide Ride. (Photo: Slide Ride)

It seems like every time we turn around, a new ride's jumping aboard the food truck trend.

This week alone, Lettuce Entertain You's Wow Bao announced the forthcoming Buns on the Run, and look around this weekend (and next week) for Macy's Culinary Council's A-Go-Go mobile vehicle with super chefs Rick Bayless and Takashi Yagihashi passing out signature bites.

But how did it all begin, and where can you get delicious, on-the-go gourmet grub, including naan-wiches, tamales, meatball sandwiches, empanadas and mac 'n' cheese, every day?

The Worst Dining Stories You'll Ever Hear

(Photo: Zagat)

No one's perfect.

There are bad servers, and there are certainly customers who behave badly like the infamous two-cent tipper.

But never, ever, ever, ever in my years of dining did I think I'd ever come across a story like this: