Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Baume & Brix Closes Saturday

(Photo: Baume & Brix)

Eater Chicago broke the news Monday that Baume & Brix co-executive chef Ben Roche jumped ship, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that it's closing.

An Ultimate Insider dropped a dime about the progressive restaurant's fate late Tuesday afternoon to 312DD:

Bryce Caron Now At Carriage House & Working On Hot New 'Secret' Project

Bryce Caron via starchefs.com

When Bryce Caron was at Blackbird in 2012, he was named Food & Wine's first-ever Best Pastry Chef in the Midwest.

One year later after a little drama (including his dismissal at Blackbird), and he's pretty much abandoned the pastry category, but he says that he was his plan all along.

The talented chef's now working in Carriage House's kitchen, though he declined to tell 312DD his exact role. He's been there since February and maintains a low-key presence.

But not for long . . .