Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Booze News You're Certain To Use

Sable's head bartender Mike Ryan and Master Sommelier Emily Wines will compete in a wine vs. whiskey challenge at the restaurant in October. (Photo: Kimpton Restaurants)

Whiskey vs. wine. How can you possibly make up your mind?!

You'll get your chance to decide which pairs best with bites during a special dinner at Kimpton's Sable Kitchen & Bar in October.

The restaurant's master sommelier Emily Wines (Yes, that's really her name!) competes against head bartender Mike Ryan during an interactive bottle battle that's supposed to complement three dishes from Sable's seasonal, ingredient-driven gastro menu.

Hungry For Hemingway . . .


This sounds pretty cool.

Noted author Ernest Hemingway was a big fan of chef Georges "Kiki" Cuisance's food back when he was cooking at various restaurants in France.

So we can only imagine how thrilled Cuisance was when he was asked to host a three-course, Hemingway-themed dinner to launch the book, "Hunting for Hemingway," written by Diane Gilbert Madsen.