Monday, February 21, 2011

Sola Stays Put; Plans For Relocation Scrapped

(Photo: sola)

Just got word that Carol Wallack, owner/chef of popular North Center's sola, has scrapped plans to relocate to downtown this spring.

Instead, she's going to stay in the original space, and plans will soon be underway for some remodeling. In addition, she'll make the menu of Hawaiian-inspired dishes more affordable and neighborhood friendly.

It will remain open during the changes.

The Biggest A-Hole In The World?!


A server at a popular Lakeview eatery Saturday didn't find the humor in the above photo of a customer's receipt.

Apparently, the brunch guest—who happened to be a financial analyst—thought it would be a good idea to leave his "two cents" in lieu of a tip because he felt the establishment "needed faster cooks." Oh, and to add insult to injury, he drew a picture of a smiley face emoticon.

She had some advice for him as well: