Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What they're Tweeting . . .

Erick Williams, executive chef at MK, presides over the hugely popular "Wine on Wednesdays." (Photo: MK)

Kevin Boehm (Partner/Landmark): "March 25th is our free wine tasting, U2's music paired with wine."

Eve: "Crispy Sweetbreads with housemade pancetta, strawberries, grilled red onion and balsamic gastrique."

Greg Hall (Owner/Brewmaster Goose Island): "Ok, ok, Just tasted new version of Demolition Ale, new malt, new hops, new yeast, holy #@$* this is yummy. thin, pale, hoppy and Dangerous!"

MK: "Sweetbreads tonight for Wine on Wednesdays! 3 wines, 3 small plates $25, 6-9pm."

Chef Rick Tramonto: "Looking for New Restaurant spaces for two new for Tramonto concepts the fall."

'Top Chef' showdown at Chopping Block


If you're like 312DD, you've been having some serious "Top Chef" withdrawals.

So, thank the lord for The Chopping Block, which hosts a head-to-head competition between the culinary show's fifth season finalists Carla "Hootie Hoo!" Hall and Stefan "The Arrogant Finnish" Richter.

We'll finally get to see who should've won as they square off in the fifth-annual True Flavor Celebrity Cook-Off, benefiting True Child, a national organization supporting disadvantaged children.


Hall, owner and chef of Alchemy Caterers in Washington, D.C., and Richter, owner of Stefan's Catering in Santa Monica, Calif., each will lead a team consisting of a local chef and an audience sous chef (determined by live auction).

Both teams will have 35 minutes to make a three-course meal with secret ingredients they will only learn of moments before the contest. And local chefs participating in the competition include Heather Terhune (Atwood Café), Luca Corazzina (312 Chicago) and Chris Lateano (South Water Kitchen).

Event occurs 6-9pm April 4. $150. Get tix here.

Wine deals for every wallet . . .


Savvy wine writer Ari Bendersky pours on a few weekly wine and dine deals you don't want to miss.