Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bleeding Heart Bakery Strikes Back . . . Again . . .

Michelle Garcia of Bleeding Heart Bakery (Photo: Bill Lambert)

From what I remember about Bleeding Heart Bakery owner Michelle Garcia, she's a fighter.

When some posters on the Chowhound message board went in hard on her Roscoe Village bakery in 2007, she immediately struck back.

Does He Have a Shot?!

(Photo: Rick Bayless)

Hold on to your seats, people.

GrubStreet reports the Beard Awards has added a Best TV Food Personality category this year.

Take Your 'Gate' To Glitter & Git Down . . .

"Will & Grace" cast (Photo: NBC Universal)

Just found out one of my favorite friends is coming to town this weekend.

He's got style, he's got savoir faire, and of course, he's impossibly cool.

Which means that he's probably going to be impossible to impress. Luckily, what's working in my favor is that he's pretty open minded, and doesn't want to only hang out in the gay bars.

That makes him the perfect Gate (Gay Date for a Straight Woman, but not this) for the second-ever Glitter party happening at Le Passage tonight.

Going down the third Thursday of each month, this Studio 54-esque bash feels almost as good as the real thing and brings back the type of crowd Le Passage was known for when it first opened 10 years ago.

Highlights of the first Glitter party included an endless parade of colorful drag queens, models sashaying around in barely there attire, DJ Zebo spinning deep disco hits, and a guy taking a bubble bath on the dance floor. Yeah, you read that right.

Now, what will they do for an encore?!

10pm-4am Thursday. Door cover varies (depending on how fierce you are on the red carpet).

More spots for a fabulous Gate. . .