Monday, January 6, 2014

312DD's Top 5 Most Anticipated Openings For 2014

Lee Wolen, during his days at The Lobby (Photo: Peninsula Chicago)

Out with the old and in with the new restaurants for 2014.

And it's already looking like quite the year as a host of notable restaurants are set to debut . . .

Berrista Coffee. Homaro Canto
's been talking about those "miracle berries" for a few years now, so I'm thrilled that I'll get them on the regular when his revolutionary bakery opens in Old Irving Park in the spring. Berrista is not only a great concept with its sugar-free and gluten-free goodies, but those with diabetes and other health-related issues will finally be able to gorge with abandon.

Tip Generously; Your Delivery Person Will Appreciate it During 'ChiBeria'


The continuing miserable weather means that the majority of folks will be ordering takeout for the next few days.

And it's one of those times when tipping a dollar or two just won't cut it with the delivery person. What do you recommend tipping when the delivery person has to go through hell to get that food to you?!