Saturday, December 20, 2008

Weiner's Circle shutters; people pissed


Say what you will about Weiner's Circle, the late-night Lakeview hot dog spot made famous for its foul-mouthed staff and rowdy revelers, but it'll be missed.

The city shut it down on Friday because they had no hot water. WTF. That's just gross.

Whatever the case, fans and haters of the greasy fast-food joint are sounding off on its sudden demise on blogs everywhere.

Just a taste:

"Sounds like another newbie-customer missed the point and got offended by the waitstaff and made a bogus complaint. And all they find is what? The hot water wasn't working, and the cooked onions were a bit on the cold side (my guess is they just made too large a large batch at a time)? That's it? Really? Geez. Shut down half the other hot dog and burrito joints in town, because this is some pretty ticky-tack stuff relative to what I've seen at a lot of these places. Whoever the thin-skinned busy-body is who reported them should move back to Schaumburg."

"No food service business can operate without hot water. You put your customers at risk for serious illnesses such as e.coli, listeria, etc. etc. The owner was certified in sanitation so he knew what the risks were. Your health is not 'ticky-tacky stuff.'"

"Rudeness and insults aren't cute, even when they're aimed at drunken frat boys. Yeah, everyone knows the food sucked, but they should be shut down for ripping off customers at night (they routinely quoted prices higher than the menu, expecting the drunks to not notice, no doubt pocketing the proceeds). And, no, I'm not a suburbanite. I can actually see the place from my window. Glad I soon won't have to--I hear the owner doesn't plan on reopening and has plans to sell the building."

"This is a travesty. All you people who say this place is disgusting clearly don't know hot dogs. This place serves some of the best hot dogs in the City."

"You have to understand, it is in Lincoln Park, which means if you do get sick from the food, it will be a hipper, more trendy food poisoning."

"Good riddance to this dump. Most overrated place in town."

"This place is a disgrace to Chicago and the institution of the Chicago Style Hot Dog. I hope it is shut down permanantly. Somewhere along the line these jerks have gotten the idea that being foul mouthed, rude, and generally offensive to their is cute and adds ambiance. While I do not patronize this toilet that calls itself a restaurant, I do not feel that there any need for incorrigable behaivior or continued health code violators in our community. Close this rat trap. Maybe Demon Dogs can reopen there."

"The Weiner's Circle is, indeed, disgusting, and only TRUE CHICAGOANS can survive eating there. (The dogs and fries are delicious, BTW.) Whiny surburbanites - do us all a favor and go back to your ancestral malls! The Weiner's Circle is an experience in true Chicago improv, where 'playing the dozens' is the ENTIRE POINT. That place needs a webcam!"