Friday, March 28, 2008

The latest . . .

. . . on Jerry Kleiner's long-awaited Hyde Park eatery Park 52 (5201 S. Harper Court, 773-241-5200) is here. Scheduled to open on April 8, I managed to get my hands on a menu. Highlights from Executive Chef Chris Barron's menu include BBQ spiced ribs, glazed lamb skewers, smoked chicken corn chowder and an herb-roasted half chicken with brioche stuffing.

Also, at L.2O (2300 N. Lincoln Park West), Laurent Gras' glamorous Lincoln Park seafood restaurant, they're giving a sneak preview of their exotic private dining area, Tatami Room: "One of the unique things we have created is the tatami room. The first time I visited Kyoto in Japan, I stayed in a Ryokan, which is a traditional style small hotel. The room was a tatami room, where you slept and ate all of your meals served by a room maid dressed in kimono. The room-service kaiseki I had there was one of my best meals ever. I also visited restaurants in Tokyo where you eat in a private tatami room. These were amazing experiences of quiet, natural luxury and great personalized service. The tatami room in the restaurant will be able to seat 2-6 people and will have a special menu and servers. And yes, just like in Japan you will take off your shoes before you step into the room."

L.2O is also scheduled to open this spring.

And finally, Sky Bar, a new Lincoln Park nightclub, is opening soon.