Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A HEARTY makeover

(Photo: The Hearty Boys)

Steve McDonagh and Dan Smith, of Hearty Boys and Food Network fame, are in the midst of turning their fashionable Lakeview catering facility into full-on eatery, HEARTY.

How did they make the official announcement?! Through Twitter, of course!

Some highlights:

"Here we go (you heard it here 1st). HEARTY RESTAURANT will open mid September in our Broadway space. Dinner 5 nites a week plus Sun brunch."

"HEARTY will be an upscale comfort food restaurant with Dan's take on classics ie Pork & Beans (Pork Belly, Giant Beans, Savory Sweet Sauce)."

"Also a weekly Campfire Fish market special. Fresh catch, herbed butter, market veggies wrapped in foil and cooked over hot coals."

"The bar will reflect our love of lost cocktails; Brown Derby, Montauk, Pegu Club & twists using American classic bevs like the Cel-Ray Mary."

New Line Bar takes over old Powerhouse space


There's a new bar in town, going into the massive space formerly known as Powerhouse Restaurant.

Daily Bar & Grill owner Steve Soble (who's also behind a couple of popular bowling alleys, including Lakeview's Southport Lanes) is transforming the spot into New Line Bar, "the name commonly used for a rail line built around 1900 between Chicago and Milwaukee designed to bypass the congested cities along Lake Michigan where the older line traveled," according to Crain's Chicago Business.

There are also plans for a restaurant at the location, but no word on the name or owner yet . . .