Monday, June 11, 2012

Let's Scream For SPIKED Iced Cream

Spiked milkshakes from 25 Degrees: Salty Caramel (from left), Turkish Latte, Guinness Milkshake, Drunkin’ Berries. (Photo: Potluck Creative)

It's hot as ##$%^&)#^&(!@*! outside, so it's time to check out these tasty frozen treats from the likes of 25 Degrees, Paramount Room and Bucktown newcomer Red Door.

Stay Cool!

Friday Is National Lobster Day!

Shaw's Crab House celebrates the decadent crustacean in June with "Lobster Festival." (Photo: Shaw's Crab House)

You could be having the absolute worst week of your life, but this news should most certainly pep you up: June 15 is National Lobster Day.

Here's where you should go to celebrate:

Head to South Loop hot spot Acadia for a special deal on chef Ryan McCaskey's pretty legit lobster roll. You'll get it with house-made salt & vinegar chips and an Allagash White beer for $18. Here's a tidbit that should get your mouth watering: McCaskey's so hardcore about his lobster roll that he gets the buns FedExed in from a small market in Maine.

Over at Fishbar, in Lakeview, chef Michael Kornick's pretty obsessed about his signature lobster roll as well. You'll find his stuffed to the gills with fresh lobster and the buttery rolls made in-house.