Friday, November 12, 2010

Chefs & Bartenders: Can They Get Along?!

Mike Ryan, Heather Terhune of Kimpton's Sable Kitchen & Bar (Photo: Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants)

When Meals on Wheels had its annual Celebrity Chef Ball at Macy's on State earlier this fall, it was the first time chefs stood side by side with mixologists during the prestigious Chef's Table Dinner.

They were in unison in every sense of the word, right down to the chef's coat, cuisine and cocktails. The cocktails flowed seamlessly with the dishes and everyone was happy.

Not so much this week when the two worlds clashed when Alinea chef Grant Achatz and his staff unveiled some of the cocktails set to debut at his revolutionary Aviary lounge to 35 of the city's most prominent bartenders.

When some "dared" to give unfavorable feedback to 312DD on some of the drinks, they were immediately shot down as being "jealous" and "threatened" and "afraid of progress."

But is this really true, or did we stumble into a larger story about chefs and bartenders fighting for territory in restaurants now that the mixology scene is on full blast?!

Readers Get Worked Up Over Dolinsky's Top 5 Sushi List


When it comes to "Top 5" (or 10, 20, etc.) lists, folks get worked up.


Everyone has an opinion on their fave steak, seafood or burger joint, and if it's missing from your list they're guaranteed to make an argument of why you should have included it.

Such is the case for Steve "The Hungry Hound" Dolinsky's Top 5 Sushi Spots in Chicago list this week that managed to stir controversy with readers.

In fact, it got so heated in the comments section about some of his selections (Where's the suburban sushi spots?! Where are the women sushi chefs?) that he jumped in and defended his choices:

Think You Can Handle The Heat . . .


. . . in "Hell's Kitchen?!"

is doing an open casting call 10am-6pm today at Le Cordon Bleu (361 W. Chestnut St.) to find talented chefs to appear on the next season of the controversial culinary competition starring chef Gordon Ramsay.

Fill out an application here, then go see if you've got what it takes. Must be at least 21.