Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Headline of the Month!


Just had to give up the props for Urban Daddy's clever-est headline eva.

Let It Pho, Let It Pho, Let It Pho combines their frustration with the impending nine-inch snowstorm and glee over Lakeview Asian-focused newcomer Pho & I:

"There's no easy way to say this, so we'll just be blunt. It's really, truly, apocalyptically cold out there.

Now for something Tom Skilling's not going to tell you: you're about to encounter your own personal heat wave.

Introducing Pho & I, your new spot for hunkering down with steaming bowls of Vietnamese soup, spicy plates of curry and fiery Thai chicken wings, open now.

Let the toe-thawing begin."

What If This Rollergirl Had a High Roller?!

Riley Coyote of the Double Crossers professional roller derby team. (Photo: Katie Stapely)

If Melanie LaForce suddenly found herself showered with $$$ from a wealthy suitor, the first thing she'd do is spend some on dining and drinking at Chicago's most established spots.

LaForce (who goes by the handle "Riley Coyote") is a jammer and blocker for the Double Crossers, one of four home teams in the Windy City Rollers professional roller derby league. This means, of course, that this high-energy athlete can eat and drink as she pleases, so if she had the funds, she wouldn't hold back!

Her first stop would be Alinea ("It's sort of a dream place, and you always hear about its cutting-edge dishes. Plus, it won't be in my budget for a long time.").

She also had these gems about some of her other fave spots:

"I would get Asado coffee every morning, and Mindy Segal (Hot Chocolate) treats every night before bed with a Whistler cocktail (The Last Straw made with Broker’s Gin, green chartreuse, lemon, Maraschino, egg white)."

"I would make Rick Bayless bring me (Xoco) churros on my roller derby bout mornings. And Revolution Brewery bring me a growler post-bout."

"I would eat Rose Angelis pastas after yoga classes, and Urban Belly noodle soups each week to ward off head colds."

"I would eat 30 oysters weekly at Shaw's to keep me virile."

And the pièce de résistance:

"I would totally ask Charlie Trotter to come feed me raw food and snuggle. He's kind of my nerd crush."

Get tickets and schedule for upcoming games here. The first one's Jan. 30 at UIC Pavilion.

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Paul Kahan Takes on Time Out in Defense of Chaise

Paul Kahan (Photo: Battman Studios)

Five restos, including Chaise Lounge, got blasted by Time Out in a recent article about Check, Please!

But what was more interesting about the story was how fans of Chaise came out strong in the comments section, including celeb chef Paul Kahan (avec, Big Star, Blackbird, Publican):

"(Chaise Lounge Executive Chef) Cary Taylor is part of a small group that uses local product and cooks from the heart. The need to bash Cary, or any other restaurant seems pointless.

"Why not focus on something even slightly relevant for just one little second or two? And by all means, realize that newer restaurants can be seriously hurt by your tounge and cheek bullshit and speculation.

"People like Cary work long and hard to make a solid living that should not be compromised for a cute storyline. Check your facts!"

Also know that Taylor once worked for Kahan at Blackbird, so he's not just defending him for the sake of it!