Thursday, June 23, 2011

312DD Gets 'Honorable Mention' in Chicago Reader 'Best Food Blog' Poll!


This came as a total surprise!

312DD snagged an honorable mention in the Chicago Reader Best Food Blog poll.

We lost to Eater Chicago, which is cool, because under editor Ari Bendersky's leadership, they've been doing a damn fine job. Congrats, Eater and Ari!

Props also go out to our pals at (even though some of those cats on their message boards cannot stand 312DD, but I don't give a *$(*&^%$#@#$%^!!!) as well as Sky Full of Bacon, who also got honorable mentions!

Bubbly's on Eater Chicago this weekend, y'all!

Chicago Mag's Beer Release at Map Room

Keg photo via


It looks like every industry insider in the city's going to The Gage Monday for the first-ever, pop-up, underground party.

And since the guest list is full, I took the initiative to scout out yet another bangin' bash for you to check out if you miss out.

Boogie Down Brunches Include Bottle Service

Mercadito's "Disco Brunch" includes your very own Bloody Mary bottle service. (Photo: Mercadito Chicago)

Every now and then you need a jolt to the regular routine—and we're not talking about an extra cup of coffee.

We're talking about brunch. Some folks get a thrill out of waiting in line for an hour or two at the latest brunch joint. Others drool over the prospect of pancakes stacked high and drowned in sauces and syrup. But right now, especially during the warm months, we're all about the "disco brunch" concept, which is pretty popular in Miami and New York.

They're lively, with party atmospheres, so if you've got a rowdy group of friends or family who'd get the stink eye at more civilized brunches at the Four Seasons or even Wishbone, these might be your best bet.

Mercadito, in fact, encourages loud, rowdy groups because they're easily drowned out by the deejay spinning contemporary and old-school tunes.