Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Graham Elliot Bowles Responds . . .

(Photo: Graham Elliot)

. . . to the brouhaha caused by the Chicago mag critique of the "Lollapalooza" dishes.

The celeb chef actually posted his remarks in the comments section in the original story on 312DD, but I felt the need to give it a post on its own:

It Ain't Over Yet: Another Chef on 'Lolla' Food Fight

Inovasi chef/owner John des Rosiers (Photo: Inovasi)

As busy as his restaurant's been these last few months, we're shocked Inovasi owner/chef John des Rosiers has enough time to sleep let alone sit down and write.

Nevertheless, he took to his blog Wednesday to express his views on the "Lollapalooza" food fight between Chicago magazine and chef Graham Elliot Bowles:

What They're Cooking at 'Chefs and the City'

Participants at last year's "Chefs and the City" event at the Peninsula. (Photos: Vital Bridges)

Fashion and great food.

Life cannot get any better than that.

Vital Bridges combines the two passions with Chefs and the City, its sixth-annual cocktail party and fashion show at the Peninsula 6-10pm Thursday.

Thirty of Chicago's most noted chefs are taking part in the event by whipping up unique signature bites for guests to enjoy during a walkaround tasting. We asked around to find out what some of them were making for the big, sold-out soiree, and wow!, guests are certainly in for a treat.