Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cool Things To Do On Dad's Big Day . . .

McGee's "Classic Car Brunch" in 2008. (Photo: Freddy Love)

I had a rad dad.

He was the type of guy who'd lock himself in his basement art studio for hours listening to Miles Davis and sipping on scotch as he painted African-inspired artwork or penned radical poetry. He'd design the biggest and best kite on the block and then take my brother and me to the park to test it out. Or he'd sneak off and bring back new pets—much to Mom's chagrin—ranging from baby sharks to hamsters to an exotic talking bird.

Now Dad wasn't the type of guy you'd take to a run-of-the-mill brunch on his special day, so we had to be creative every year or we'd bore him to death. So naturally I always keep that in mind when people ask me where they should take their dads (or significant others, etc.) on Father's Day.