Thursday, January 10, 2008

Risque Cafe is open and ouch!, a 'review' is in

So a poster from just checked out the new smokehouse Risque Cafe (3419 N. Clark St., 773-525-7711) in Wrigleyville, from the team behind the recently closed Meritage, and it sounds like they may want to tighten it up a bit:

"Unfortunately, the bbq did not measure up, although there is some hope. I tasted the brisket, pulled pork and baby back ribs (no spare ribs offered). Let me first start by saying that they offer dinners and sandwiches. Strangely, although the only difference between the two is that the dinners (at least for the pork and brisket) come with coleslaw and a piece of bread, the dinners are about $5 more (again, if I recall correctly) than the sandwiches. In fact, it seemed as if the sandwiches contain more meat. The dinners themselves offered inexcusably tiny portions and this must be changed for me to consider returning. I refuse to pay $18 (the approximate cost of my brisket and pork combo) for a few slices of brisket and tad bit more pork. I would have expected to pay a little more than half of that amount at Smoque for a slightly larger portion."

Here's the full post.

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