Friday, June 13, 2008


Eat & Drink Club member "Richard" attempted to talk his way into the Dana Hotel opening party. (Photo: Anonymous)

You know, some people just cannot leave well enough alone.

The Eat & Drink Club struck again, this time running about 10 or 15 deep! The object of their desire was the opening of the Dana Hotel & Spa, which hosted a fabulous party featuring some of the freshest sushi I've ever had from its Asian-focused eatery ajasteak that's set to open on Monday.

As always, they made up names, fast-talked employees, tried sneaking through a side door and brushed past the gatekeepers in an attempt to get into the party. Somehow they were all corraled and kicked the hell out.

From the tipster on "Richard:"

"He made an effort that night. And he, too, went around to a side door only to be escorted out moments later.

Tactic - the pointing really emphasizes how much he SHOULD BE ON THAT LIST."


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