Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We got an opening date

Pete Wentz's Angels & Kings lounge is set to open on June 21 in River North. Will new wife Ashlee Simpson make an appearance?! Stay tuned to find out!

We had the name first, then we had the location exclusively for the new Angels & Kings lounge that's owned by Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz and a host of local, high-profile bar owners. Now, we've got an opening date: Saturday, June 21.

Get ready to wear your best rock 'n' roll gear, y'all.


Anonymous said...

Will this kill Billy "I don't pay Celebs" Dec? How much will Manor pay to get celebrities now? Rumor is they are so desperate that they pay $10,000 plus an appearance.

darkroomdemons.com said...

Celebs demand that money. Its the greatest racket ever. Ask any promoter. There is certainly no desperation involved. Trust us. WE KNOW.

Anonymous said...

Does Billy pay celebs? He claims he doesn't?

Either way I'm convinced the owners of Manor were the biggest dorks in High School and opened it to make up for popularity envy. Paying celebs 10,000 just confirms that M&M are dorks.