Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Why I'm mad at The Violet Hour

The glamorous interior of The Violet Hour. (Photo: Michael Robinson)

I'm a big fan of bars that are totally scruffy on the outside and absolutely fabulous inside. You know, what they call the Speakeasy.

That's why I'm a bit miffed about the recent exterior makeover over at The Violet Hour, the cocktail-crazed lounge in Wicker Park.

There was just something endearing about the loco graffiti on the dark blue walls right outside of the door, where the well-dressed doorman stood. If you didn't know what was up, then you didn't need to be in there. It was gritty and it was good, but now that they've put fresh paint up with a random image of some dandy-looking cat, it's just not the same and feels a little too mainstream.

I cannot wait until the gangbangers tag it again 'cause right now it's just too civilized out there!


For Intimate Gatherings said...

I loved the Violet Hour's old exterior - I'm bummed.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it! Now, the diners at Pontiac will actually know it's not some drug house!

Anonymous said...

I agree completely!

I walked by there the other day on the way to work and literally stopped in my tracks to stare at it. It's looks like a damn facebook sticker or something you'd find on a t-shirt down the street at urban outfitters.

sad, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Seems like the VH has jumped the shark. I will miss "Post No Pills" on the exterior.