Sunday, August 3, 2008

After all the hype . . .

. . . all week about the "official" Lollapalooza after-party featuring Perry Farrell and a bunch of other celebs happening Saturday, these are the series of emails I received half an hour before the event was supposed to start:


"I am sorry to say the party will not be taking place tonight at Golan Studios. The talent will be playing at Vision Nightclub, Dearborn and Ontario in Chicago, if you want to check out Perry Ferrell, Deadmau5 etc. However, they are not offering comp admission or open bar. Sorry for this unavoidable situation. "

Five minutes later:

"The party has now been moved to Sound Bar, Ontario and Franklin. The first 500 people presenting invites or on guest list including this evite list. there will be an open Belevedere bar. Sorry for all the confusion, promoters are moving the party. The artists Deadmau5 and Perry Ferrell will perform, hope you can stop by."

And then finally not too long after:

"Sorry to report but the promoter has cancelled the event. There is no party at sound bar or anywhere else. Apologies to all."

What really happened with this whole thing?! Does anyone know?!


Anonymous said...

what a clusterf@#$. no "secret" radiohead pre-show, no perry ferrell after party? what is going on?

Anonymous said...

I received an invite to this party through Relode and didn't get any emails about the cancellation! So unfortunately I went all the way over to the party only to find out it wasn't actually happening.

Arrived around 12 and they had a huge LCD screen set up, lots of lighting from what we could tell, etc. There were lots of people arriving in cabs and having to turn around and leave. The story they gave us was that there was a "series of events that forced the cancellation of the party" and they gave us passes for no cover and one drink at Crobar. It didn't sound like anyone who was going to perform at the original event would be at Crobar though. Very poor planning all around - wonder what really happened!

Anonymous said...

Heard that Soundbar wouldn't fork up enough loot for the event. Don't blame them. Last minute desperation equals last minute pricing.

Anonymous said...

From what I understand, Perry just pulled out of Golan at the last minute...that's all I know - really sucks b/c they always have such awesome parties.